Microsoft Store Shopping Cart and Wish List will be updated and improved

November 14, 2018 |

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Today, we will take a look at the Microsoft Store. It has always carried some stigma about it. Many users have complained that the Store is not good, and has many trash apps that no one wants to use. The question here is that has the Microsoft Store gotten any better? And are the developers trying to make it more usable?

Microsoft created other versions of Windows 10 which locks you down to just the Windows Store, and you are not able to use third-party apps. This means that they were confident that the Windows Store was more than equipped to satisfy all its users. This may be partly true, but we cannot say that Windows Store is ready for that kind of responsibility. The Microsoft Store is still lacking in so many aspects. This does not mean that Microsoft has not made any improvements. In fact, we can say that they have begun listening to consumers and adding more features to the Store. As of the end of 2016, there was a reported over seven hundred thousand apps on this platform which is way better than the one hundred that the Windows Store was launched with. There are also some decent utilities present in the store. You are able to get Microsoft Office or Skype from the Windows store and even do things like speed test through a dedicated application. On the recreation side, there is also a ton of stuff, including Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, and a ton of other apps there for consuming media. They have added lots of apps to the Store making it a whole lot better.

On top of this, a windowed mode of the Store was introduced in Windows 10 which makes it a lot easier to navigate to other apps you are using. Also, in the past, all of the apps which you got from the Windows Store could only be used in the Fullscreen mode. This was a major problem for laptops, non-touchscreen devices, and also desktops. But now they have introduced the windowed mode which brings about a whole new experience.

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The overall user interface has been polished, and the ability to scroll between apps, games, music and TV shows is really great.

One of the newest additions to the Windows Store is the Shopping Cart and Wish List. Almost all the Microsoft Store users, be it on Windows or Xbox have been requesting for this feature and it is finally here.

Earlier, Microsoft had added the Shopping Cart and Wish List, but you could use it only for games and apps. Hardware and accessories could not be added to the Shopping Cart and Wish List. This was very uncomfortable for many users in that if you wanted to buy a game and a couple of Microsoft accessories, you have to check out twice which very uncomfortable.

What are the Shopping Cart and Wish List updates in 2018?

You can get the answer directly from Microsoft’s Chris Swenson who is Product Marketing Manager of the Microsoft Store. This is what he said:

“We work hard to improve the shopping experience in the Microsoft Store and are always looking for ways to improve the discoverability and purchase of the products and services we sell. Today, we are excited to announce that customers can begin using our improved Shopping Cart and later this week, our new Wish List – two of the most-requested features from our fans”.

The good news is that the Shopping Cart and Wish List on the Microsoft Store will work both on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. This implies that all the changes you make across your Windows 10 devices will be saved, and you can resume your shopping where you left off on any of your devices.

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We are hoping that Microsoft will keep on improving the features of the Store, and someday it will be able to stand out as one of the best Stores available.

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