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Fileinspect Library is a rapidly growing website which contains the most actual information about processes that are running in windows. We have gathered detailed information about the processes that should, and should not be running on your computer.

You probably know that there exist thousands of windows processes. Some of them are essential, but there are such processes that are malicious. Trojans, malware and viruses may run in background or hide behind useful and needful processes. These harmful programs may devour system resources and even give hackers free access to the system.

That is why exists! This website provides tons of useful information about various windows processes. You can find a clear explanation what processes are really important for stable work of your system and what processes should be terminated or even deleted because they are deleterious.

If you have any questions, advices or wishes how to make our website better - then write us a letter and you will get a feedback in 24 hours. If you did not find a process you were looking for then tell us about it through the contact form and we will get it added as soon as possible.