What is really new in Windows 10 build 18282 for PC?

November 28, 2018 |

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Today, we’re going to take a quick look at what’s new in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18282.

This is the latest 19H1 build for the Windows insider Fast ring. Many of the features we are going to talk about may still change by the time they reach a release build in a future update.

Snipping tool

In the last release of Windows 10, the Snip & Sketch app was added to replace the old and antiquated snipping tool. Many users think that the new Snip & Sketch app is a great modern replacement to the old tool, with new features such as the print screen shortcut, notifications, and of course the modern inking support. You should not be scared though because in the Snip & Sketch app in Windows 10 Build 18282, and for Windows Insiders elsewhere, the Snip & Sketch app will gain the Windows snip option which is great.

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Some users in the Windows Insider program do not have the Windows snip option in the Snip and sketch app right now. This is because only 50% of Windows Insiders are testing this new feature. We will explain to you how it works. Just like the old Snipping tool app, when you activate your Windows Snip mode, the little toolbar at the top of your screen will show the option. The Windows Snip mode is a hybrid of a free-form snip and a full-screen snip. When you click on it, as with the old app, you’ll go into Windows Snip mode which will let you take screenshots of individual windows and send them into the Snip & Sketch app, which is great.


If you have seen the default wallpaper of the Windows 10 Build 18282, you should have noticed already that it  is different. This is not just some edit from a random user of the Windows 10 wallpaper. The wallpaper may look little antiquated, but it’s still nice. It contrasts really well with the dark theme and with the light theme, so, it’s kind of the best-of-both-worlds sort of look.

However, besides that, the biggest criticism which still drives some die-hard fans insane is that the Windows logo in the wallpaper is not centered with either the screen or the taskbar. It is sunken down a little too low. We are 90% sure this isn’t a design decision because the actual wallpaper is centered. It’s just not set to center in the Windows settings. That is our little feedback on the wallpaper.


If you go into your Color options, you’ll notice that in addition to both the Dark and Light theme, there is now a Custom option. Previously in Windows 10, when you have the light theme selected, the apps would appear light or dark depending on your preference. Now, you have another option which is the Choose your default Windows mode. When you change this to light, the entire system including the taskbar, the Start menu, and all of the UI, will also now be available in a frosted-white glass theme, which is really nice. Lots of people have wanted something like this, and we think that this is a really good first step to implementing it into Windows 10. It is basically just all the UI inverted; you have the white background with now black icons. However, there might still be some inconsistencies, as this is the first iteration of this feature.

Printing dialog box

If we go into the new the printing dialog box, it should now also be available in a light theme, which is wonderful. In addition to that, it looks like the title is now bolder than it was. There are lots of new icons, which makes navigating this page a little simpler, giving you an idea of what you’re clicking on. The icons come with a preview text that gives you a little bit more detail about what that option is for. So, generally, the new printing dialog in Windows 10 is great.

Windows updates

In addition to that, you also have new options in the Windows Update page, which give you more control over the updates that come on your PC. These include options to Pause updates for seven days, View update history, Advanced Options, and Change active hours.

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In the Change active hours page, you’ll see that there’s a new setting which will allow your computer to automatically adjust your active hours based on your PC’s usage. For many users, these hours range between 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM.


Additionally, in the Settings app, there are now some new options for Narrator. If you click Ease of Access and go to Narrator, you will find a new option under the Change how much content you hear option. In the previous release of Windows 10, a feature was added to allow you to hear characters phonetically in Narrator. People using Narrator provided their feedback, and Microsoft has changed the behavior of this feature, making it disabled by default. Now, if you want to have characters read phonetically, you can access it for specific text, using a new keyboard shortcut.

You can use the Narrator + O command to hear content from a specific tooltip.

The text reading commands can be used to scan an entire window. The View Options feature can be used consistently inside or outside text content. The new Read by sentence command can now be used with a braille display.

Now, Narrator has stopped announcing the phonetic information when using phonetic reading. Press the Narrator key + Comma twice if you want to turn on phonetics information. To here the phonetic information for a string of character, you need to press the Narrator key + Period.

Start menu

When you open the Start menu and hover over the left rail, it will be expanded automatically, and you will be able to see more options.

Fluent Designed

Microsoft is constantly improving on the design of Windows 10. A shadow effect has now been added to the Action Center to match with the ones which are already present in the borders and flyouts in the operating system.

Also, when you right-click on items in the Start menu or taskbar, you will notice that the context menu now has a translucent Acrylic effect. Aside from that, when hovering over the options on the context menu, it will see a highlight.


The Settings app has also been changed in a number of ways in the Windows build 18282:

  • Typing:

When you navigate to Settings > Devices, then click on the Typing tab on the left side of the window, you will see Make my keyboard focus easier to see under the More keyboard settings section. This will take you to the Cursor and Pointer settings page.

  • Game bar:

Navigate to Settings > Gaming > Game bar. This page does not have any significant changes, but you will notice that it has a new icon design.

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