Microsoft discontinues Skype Classic from September 1, 2018

July 26, 2018 |

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When we are discussing instant messaging, online video calls, conference and business calls, Skype is among the top tools on the list. This tool is used by millions across the globe. In fact, if you are using a Windows operating system, there is a high probability that you are using Skype.

There are two versions of Skype

There’s the Skype from the Windows 10 app store and then there’s Skype classic, which can be downloaded from the Skype website. Both have different layouts, but they pretty much do the same things.

Microsoft just made an announcement that may break the hearts of many Skype fans – they will be discontinuing the Skype classic version.

When will Microsoft discontinue Skype classic for Windows 10?

It will no longer work after September 1, 2018. This is sad news because many users stuck with the classic platform, reporting that Skype classic does everything better than the Store version. Right now, you can still choose between any of the two versions, but after the 1st of September, the Store version will completely replace the classic version.

Since Skype users are left with no choice, you might as well get the hang of the Store version

Fortunately, to update Skype is basic. All you need to do is uninstall the classic version, then go to the Microsoft App Store and install the Store version. To make switching to the Store version of Skype easier for you, we have provided you with some guidelines on how to use it. Hopefully, this will make your transition smoother.

How to get started on switching to the modern Skype

First of all, you can change your profile picture by clicking on the picture icon. This allows a small camera window to pop up. Go ahead and click on that to take a picture using your webcam or upload a picture directly from your PC. If you want somebody to know your mood, there is an option for it. You can also set your status – if you click on Do not disturb, a red dot will appear by your name. You can as well set yourself on invisible so nobody will see that you’re online or you can set your status as active to let people know that you’re active and ready to communicate.

  • Skype to Skype calls is also free in the Store version

However, if you want to start calling landlines, cell phones or you want to make long-distance phone calls, you will need to add Skype credit. To do that, simply click on add Skype credit and then you’ll get some options on how much Skype credit you want to add to your account.

Moving down the menu, if you click on settings, you have some Audio and Video settings that can be adjusted. So, first of all, you have a video which is basically your webcam. If you have an integrated webcam, you would simply leave it on default device or choose integrated webcam. If you happen to have a Logitech webcam, make sure it is plugged in. If you want to test out your video, you should see your webcam at one corner of your screen. Usually, it is located at the top right corner of your screen. Next, choose the audio source where you want the audio to come out from, and test the sound quality in the speaker menu.

  • There is also the light or dark mode

You can choose whichever suits you best. Dark mode works well if you’re working at night and you don’t want to strain your eyes too much.

In order to add a Skype contact, type the name or email of the person in a search box and press Enter. It will search from your Skype Contacts, Local Address Book, and Public Directory. Click on the name and then type a message. It’s going to automatically add the person to your contact list. The contact should get a confirmation if they want to accept your message or not. There is also some information up at the top concerning the contact – you have the name, gallery, and call options. If you have any pictures of the contact that they sent to you, it would be in the gallery. If you want to make a video call, you can click on the video icon. Alternatively, you can hold Ctrl + Shift + K and it will make a call to the contact. You can place a regular phone call without a video call by clicking the icon with a telephone next to the video icon. If you wanted to enable video during the regular call conversation, simply click on the video icon.

  • There are other things that you can do while you’re in a chat with somebody else

You can send emojis by clicking on the smiley face at the bottom. You have a bunch of different pictures that you can send. If you want to send an image, click on the picture icon right next to the smiley face at the bottom and the File Explorer will pop up. Now, choose the image you want to send. The same thing goes for a document. If you want to record a video message, click on the video icon next to the file icon and your webcam will pop up. Record the message and send to the contact. You can also share contact details with your contact by clicking the Send contact icon, then select the contacts you want to share and click Send.

Some of the things you can do while on a call include: sharing your screen so the other person can see what is on your screen, sharing audio files, add more people from your contacts to your current call to facilitate a conference call if the need arises.

  • There are many other features that you will discover while using the app

Also, Microsoft keeps updating and adding new features. So, the more you use the app, the more you get accustomed to it.

We hope that this article has given you the information you need to transition from Skype classic to the Store version. Share it with others, too!

We appreciate your comments and ideas and we are ready to answer your questions regarding the above topic.

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