Why are laptop speakers crackling on Windows 10?

February 16, 2018 |

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Don’t you just love it when the tune is raging in your head and the music is so loud that you can’t hear yourself think? We do too! That’s why it’s so frustrating when you are forced to worry about your crackling  speakers and popping sounds coming from laptop. As many music-lovers amongst us, we care a lot about such interference, especially if it’s due to a bug in the Windows 10 operating system. But hold your horses and don’t rage against the machine, we know how to fix crackling speakers a quick fix for you that will brighten up your day.

What you have to do first is check the following:

  1. The noises can be a result of the horrible music you are listening to! Check your music taste first!
  2. Check if the audio device you are using is running properly. Some hardware damage is not visible to the naked eye in the appearance of the device, but inside it may be faulty.
  3. Your sound driver can be out of date. This issue occurs because of the miscommunication between an upgraded operating system, for example, and an old speaker.
  4. To determine what the reason for this problem is, you need to know the following parameters:
  • Is your operating system updated?
  • Are your drivers and speakers are up to date?

Here are some answers to the question “How to fix crackling speakers?”

Tip 1. Try changing the format of the sounds you are listening to. The format is set to Default and if you go to the Playback devices menu and select Properties, you will get a choice of speakers. Choose the device that is making the popping sound and adjust the CD Quality in the drop-down box in the Advanced tab.

Tip 2. Reconfigure Sound Enhancement. If your driver is not updated this can be the cause of the problem.  If an updated driver is trying to improve the quality of the sound, it suggests that the speaker is also acknowledging the update, they may be out-of tune with each other and the   popping sound keep coming from the laptop. To fix this issue, you can Select Properties again in the Playback devices and in the Enhancements tab click ‘Disable all enhancements”. Remember to click Apply and OK so that your changes are saved and the speakers stop corrupting your music.

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Tip 3. Another troubleshooting option is to change your Power Settings. This is a selection tool you can use if you don’t need your energy on your video card. If you are more interested in the sound than the video, it makes sense to change the power settings. To do that, you need to enter the Control Panel on your Desktop and select Power Options. You will be given a choice of customization, and you need to check the preferred plan i.e. what device is using up the most power when you use your computer. If you click ‘Change plan Settings’, you will see that you can adjust the energy consumption mode by a percentage. Don’t forget to Apply and Save your changes.

Tip 4. Last, but certainly not least, we present this tip: update your driver. This will not only ensure healthy music flow from your speakers but probably will help with the overall smooth running of your PC. It is very important to keep the schedule when updating your drivers. Whenever there is an update for your Window 10 or whenever you have installed new software, in this instance for those of you who love a good tune, an audio card, we recommend using additional software that can register new changes to your system and automatically adjust your driver upgrading sessions to them. Try Auslogics Driver Updater to ensure the best experience of what your PC has to offer.

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