Can I make the taskbar icons bigger in Windows 10?

June 5, 2020 |

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Microsoft has made some changes to the taskbar over the years, but its core function has always remained the same, which is togive users easy access to more Windows functions.

Usually, most people find it difficult to read small text or icons. As a matter of fact, it is not healthy to look at small icons on a screen for a long time. are frequently asked how to increase the size of the icons on the taskbar. That is why in this article, we are going to show you how to make the taskbar icons bigger in Windows 10.

Table of Contents

  1. Adjust the display scaling
  2. Ensure that you are not using small icons

Solution 1. Chanaaaaaaaaaaage the display scaling

If you feel uncomfortable looking at the small icons on your taskbar, do not worry because this can be fixed by changing the display scaling setting. Especially on a large display, icons turn to look a lot smaller. That is why it is important to use display scaling to increase the size of the icons so that you do not strain your eyes. Note that this process will increase not only the size of the icons on your taskbar but also the size of the text and other items on your screen. There is no isolated method to increase the size of the taskbar icons. The only way to do it is by increasing the size of all other elements too. Here is how to do it:

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  • Click on the Start or Home button and select the gear icon to open the Settings app.
  • Select System from the list of options available.
  • In the Display tab, scroll down to the Scale and Layout section. There you will see the Change the size of text, apps, and other items option. You can adjust the size to what suits you best.
  • Once this is done, you will notice that all the icons and text on your screen have become larger, including those on your taskbar.

Solution 2. Ensure that you are not using small icons

You may also have small icons on your taskbar if the small taskbar buttons option is enabled. This is an option for the taskbar on Windows 10. You can choose from normal or small icons, depending on your tastes. Here is how to do it:

  • Press the Windows logo key + I on your keyboard to open the Settings app.
  • Select Personalization from the list of options available.
  • Navigate to the Taskbar tab and toggle the Use small taskbar buttons off.
  • Note that if this option is already off, then the first solution is your best bet.

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We hope that this article has shown you how to increase the size of your taskbar icons. Share this information with others who need it.

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