Which firewall can be called the best one in 2018?

February 7, 2018 |

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Since the early 1990s, all Microsoft computer owners shared the same problem: hackers that could break into any computer because of poorly executed security in the operating system. One of the major solutions to this issue happened to be the installment of a firewall. Although its presence in your vocabulary has become trivial, the actual meaning of its actions towards the protection of our computers has long since expanded and matured. Essentially, a firewall is an application that blocks malicious or corrupted traffic and makes sure that no unwanted software will install itself onto your PC. Nowadays, the firewall has morphed into a complex protective software that stands to safeguard your privacy and the health of your device when browsing online. But how to choose a firewall in 2018?

These are things to consider when shopping for additional software to protect your PC, no matter which version of Windows you are using.

  • Do you need firewall?
  • What is the best firewall for you?
  • Free vs paid for firewall?
  • What is the best firewall in 2018?

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when choosing the best firewall for you. For example, Microsoft has a built-in firewall installed as a package along with Windows 10. Given our fast-tracked lives, there is little room mistakes and it’s always best to have backup firewall, in case one breaks down, the other one will hold the fort. Sometimes the firewall comes in a package deal, along with an anti-virus, but would you really trust something that you got for free to protect your sensitive data?

Of course, if you are a kind of user that only uses one computer with a secure Network Address Translation, you’re pretty much set: the NAT assigns each device an IP address in the range of the network itself, and this is probably enough to block any direct attacks. Some routers may have complementary security layers on them, but that’s a whole other story.

But consider this if you are away on a business trip and you are exposed to some other internet connection. Take into account that any wireless connection you are choosing to use is a potential threat. The airport wireless is insecure, as well as the cafe that offers free Wi-Fi. Did you know that the task you use it for will not only be saved by the traffic but can also be potentially used by a third party? Think about it when you shop online with insecure connection and give out your credit card details while using insecure wireless. And contemplate getting a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, that will encrypt the web traffic. It’s a handy trick to have when you are traveling. In this scenario, the IP address will not be visible to other trackers, along with your personal information, such as geographic location.

So, we have established that a firewall is essential to safeguard your sensitive data, but one of the main criteria for choosing the best firewall for you would be the price. Along with it, it’s essential to contemplate the maintenance of the newly installed firewall and the functions it provides that could be automatized without you constantly tweaking the settings. How about the visibility and control options for your firewall? As a user, you should be able to interact with the user interface of the application to better understand the tasks that it can provide for you. One of the main criteria, of course, is the security features of your chosen firewall.

Depending on the capability of your computer, try adjusting your scope. Take interest in the the size, memory and operational data of the future firewall allowing the selection to cater to your needs. For most of us, the importance of each of these criteria will be very personal, depending on the individual needs of our computers. Remember to use this list when shopping for your new firewall:

  • Price
  • Maintenance
  • Visibility and control
  • Security features

As an answer to the questions raised above, a firewall program must have the capacity not only to keep your computer safe and secure, but to detect malicious items that threaten the well-being and safety of your sensitive data. It should be flexible in scheduling the automatic scans because you never know when the next attack will be and when you will be in need of using an insecure wireless connection.

Why should you wait for a scheduled scan, risking the safety of your personal data?

Nevertheless, the firewall should be easily adjustable and in ‘ready-to-go’ mode right from the beginning. You wouldn’t want to spend hours on end setting up the program. An important side-note should be mentioned: remember, that the firewall is not an anti-virus. It handles a variety of issues that should not be considered your main protection software, it is as important that both programs run smoothly and not contradict or try to sabotage each other’s running. So, choose and firewall that is designed to work alongside your anti-virus and not against it.

There are some firewalls out there that can catch the items your anti-virus could have missed, which, in hindsight, makes your PC experience even more secure. Software that is aimed at safeguarding your computer from malware is an essential addition to your collection of programs. Not only does it protect your computer from attacks within an insecure framework, but also a cornucopia of viruses. We believe that Auslogics Anti-Malware is the one of best anti-malware programs on offer in 2018. Find out more about the program here: https://www.auslogics.com/go/blog_fileinspect_fromarticle/en/software/anti-malware/

In a world where the internet has become the playground for hackers and thieves, it’s becoming more and more important to protect yourself and add a firewall program that can act as the first line of defense, starting its journey through the internet the moment you connect to the web. Screening out threats from incoming and outgoing traffic on your network, a firewall can make or break your cyber life. So, the importance of choosing the best firewall for your device cannot be overstated. In conclusion, the testing of how easy it is to use the program and how much lag it creates is probably the most important criteria to consider when choosing the best additional security tool to use.

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