How to search for open tabs on the New Tab page of Chrome?

May 22, 2020 |

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Are you in that group of folks who open dozens of tabs on their Google Chrome web browser? How do you find a particular tab amidst all those open tabs? This can be quite challenging. Fortunately, Google is aware of this and has devised a way to make the search easier. Today, we show you how to search for open tabs on the new tab page in Chrome.

If you’re using the new Chrome browser, then you must have noticed that Google Chrome has revamped its new tab page and now it looks more interesting. Instead of a bland, blank space, the new tab page greets you with the sites that you visit frequently, links to your bookmarks and recently closed tabs. You can also add a background by clicking on the edit icon in the lower right corner of the new tab page.

How to Find a Certain Tab Between Open Ones

This new feature is still experimental, and you have to enable it first in the Dev Channel flag. To do this:

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  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Copy the following and paste it into the search box on the new tab page:
  • chrome://flags/#omnibox-tab-switch-suggestions
  • Alternatively, type chrome://flags and hit “Enter”. Type in “tab switch suggestions” (without quotes), and then select “Omnibox tab switch suggestions”.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and choose “Enabled”.

If you read the description under the “Omnibox tab switch suggestions” section, it mentions that this won’t work unless you enable the “#upcoming-ui-features” flag or the “#top-chrome-md” flag.

  1. Once you’ve enabled “Omnibox tab switch suggestions”, you have to relaunch Google Chrome for the changes to take effect. Click on the “Relaunch Now” button located in the bottom right corner of the Flags page. If you’re using the Chrome OS, click on the “Restart Now” button.
  2. Now, on the open Chrome page, click inside the Omnibox and search for your open tab. If the page is already open, click the “Switch” link next to the URL in the Omnibox.

With this feature, all you need to do to find an open tab among the multiple ones that are open is delete the text in the Omnibox and type in a keyword that describes the page that you’re looking for.

How to Switch Tabs Manually

If you don’t have that many tabs open and you still want a quicker way to move from one tab to another, here are a few shortcuts that you can use.

  • Press Ctrl+Tab to move to the next tab.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch to the previous tab.
  • Press Ctrl+Pgdn or Ctrl+Pgup to move to the next tab and previous tab respectively.
  • If you know the exact position of your open tab, you can use the Ctrl key and a number on your keyboard. For instance, Ctrl+1 takes you to the first open tab, Ctrl+2 to the second open tab and so on.

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Have you tried searching for a specific tab between all the open ones yet? Let us know what you think about this new feature by commenting below.

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