Learn how to clean computer registry and keep its performance smooth

By admin | September 20, 2011 |

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Microsoft Windows is a globally accepted operating system and according to a survey almost 70% users prefer to use it. That means a huge portion of personal computer user’s are directly or indirectly associated with Windows. The biggest concern for a layman user who is not technically sound is to keep its performance steady and errors free particularly day to day maintenance. A common error that is unconsciously occurred by a new user is to mess with operating system’s registry. Registry is a kind of database that contains important operational entries for every installed program. If these entries are corrupted, it may result as slow system’s speed, non functional programs or even damage the operating system.

It is highly recommended to keep the registry neat and clean

Usually when a program is uninstalled, its registry entries are not deleted fully that creates conflict with many third party software and compatibility issues.

Cleaning your operating system’s registry and keeping it according to required standards is not an easy task especially when you are not an expert. Here comes ‘Auslogics Registry Cleaner’ as you sole troubleshoot partner that promises to keep your system as stable, steady and efficient.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is an absolutely free registry cleaner tool that fixes and repairs all Windows registry entries without any collapse with existing installed programs and the operating system. Here are fundamental attributes that ARC is catered with:

  • Fixes corrupt registry keys
  • Cleans up obsolete registry entries
  • Avoids system conflicts and crashes
  • Makes your computer running more stably
  • Backs up initial state of your registry

Also download free Windows Task Management Tool and manage your system’s processes and file smoothly.

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