Laptop battery power management

October 21, 2011 |

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Microsoft Windows is really a comprehensive operating system that provides full control for all peripherals attached with the system

Efficient power management is one of its distinctive features. Particularly for laptops using and distributing the power control is very crucial. Basically every system has power management functions, either:

    • Built in BIOS functions
    • Operating from Windows
    • Special drivers

These functions make sure that if any input is not received from keyword or mouse for a certain period of time the system go to sleep mode. They also control other power-consuming sources like screen display, playing multimedia gadgets or any other external source that can waste power.

Today’s laptops have power functions in BIOS and are also controlled within Windows environment. Now the user has the flexibility to adjust different modes for effective power management. Max performance, and Balanced power saving and Max power saving. These features are available in control panel under power management icon.

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User can pick different power schemes and adjust the time according to customized need.

However try to use following setting for best power management:

  • Time to turn off monitor if system remains idle for – 15 minutes
  • Turn off hard disk after 30 minutes
  • Take the system to sleep mode after 20 minutes.

It is also important to take personal care for the battery. Don’t let is on all the time with direct AC adapter. Ideally you should consume full batter at least once in a day so that its cells keep working efficiently.

Here are some other important points to remember and avoid:

  • Extra ordinary heat and fire can damage it. Keep it away from fire
  • Only use the vendor’s recommended adapter for charging
  • Keep it away from water
  • Do not use it separately and throw it anywhere
  • Try to use surge protector
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