Is it still necessary to clean the Windows registry?

January 23, 2018 |

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What is a system registry?

Your system registry is like a database, which stores settings and preferences for various applications and even for your operating system (windows).

A registry cleaner is a software that scans your system registry for already redundant or surplus entries. These entries vary from invalid or old references, programs, fonts and other entries from uninstalled applications. The program then presents these data in a simplified format to you, and provides the option of deleting some or all of them.

If you are still probably wondering why you should clean your system registry…

  • Eliminating effects of Malware:

Some issues with the system registry are also brought about by the installation of malware. Some of these issues would remain even after you uninstall these programs because their remnants refuse to go away. These applications are malware after all. Cleaning the registry would help in addressing these problems.

  • Protection of Personal Identity:

Many programs often save your personal details on your computer, and fail to remove them completely during uninstallation. Due to this, your personal identity might become vulnerable to attacks or exploits. Cleaning your registry eliminates this risk.

  • To ensure optimum performance:

Windows operating system automatically tries to update the registry in order to keep your system running as fluid as possible but its efforts overtime often fall short of the required efficiency. This often results in system crashes, reoccurring error messages and generally slower response times. If you have used your system for a while now, you might probably notice it is generally not as fast as it used to be when you just began using it. While there might be several reasons for this, issues in your system registry might be a major one. A good registry cleaner would do a lot to fix these issues, far more than you can imagine.

How to clean the registry?

  • Doing it yourself: You can actually clean the registry yourself but this process is painstaking and impractical due to the size and complexity of your system registry. You, being a human, are also very prone to mistakes and these mistakes or errors made while editing a registry could ultimately prove very costly. Your PC might fail to start up if you delete the wrong files in some instances. This is why the task of registry cleaning is best left to computer programs.
  • Using a 3rd party software: There are far too many registry cleaners on the market, which claim they are capable of doing the impossible. Some explicitly offer to fix every possible thing that went wrong with your computer. You even see some of these applications marketed with pop up ads stating they have detected a problem with your PC, while you have not even downloaded these applications. It is beyond obvious that you should avoid these applications based on falsehood and misrepresentation of facts. These apps often end doing more damage than good and it is not farfetched to understand why. Any application that tries so hard to prove its usefulness by detecting problems even when they do not exist would always end up being counterproductive.
  • This is exactly why choosing a safe and effective registry cleaner is a top priority. Auslogics Registry Cleaner is one of such programs. It is a free, proven and safe application designed to solve your registry issues and just that. Registry Cleaner will clean, repair and optimize your Windows registry to eliminate errors and crashes. It is the number one recommended registry cleaner in the tech community.

Most times though, you will end up needing more than that if you really want your system to run as close as possible to its optimum performance. Cleaning your system registry just is not enough.

Auslogics BoostSpeed is a superb application that goes a step further in fixing your issues. It is several levels above the competition in the market because its main features are extremely essential to every PC user.

  • Advanced Diagnosis: Boostspeed runs an intensive but simultaneously precise scan to locate issues affecting your system performance.
  • Cleans Up Your PC: Boostspeed possesses a special module, which detects and deletes all forms of PC junk, redundant system and user temporary files, web browser cache, unused error logs and so on. This process helps recover swathes of hard disk space and this corresponds to an increase in efficiency.
  • Restoration of System Stability: Your system stability is improved through the elimination of problematic, corrupt keys and invalid entries. It is important to note that Boostspeed performs this operation with great care and there are no side effects associated with this action.
  • Enhancement of Computer Speed: This program adjusts multiple system settings to ensure integral processes and activities are carry out at the optimum level possible. This includes changing your internet connection setting for a great browsing experience, swifter downloads, superior voice/video calls and a lot more.

It contains 16 awesome additional features to cover every need of yours. You simply cannot go wrong with this product. You can check out reviews of the mentioned product or the company in general and see for yourself.

Nobody deserves the painful burden of using a slow, buggy system. You certainly do not and this is exactly why you should clean your system registry and boost your system by installing BoostSpeed.

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