How do I import my iTunes Libraries to Groove Music?

November 9, 2018 |

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A Microsoft fan or not, you cannot deny that the company has had a somewhat checkered past with media players. The first ever was Windows Media Player, then Media Center, then there was Zune, next came Xbox music, and now the company is on its latest project, Groove music. Groove music isn’t exactly a restart of everything before it. It is actually built on the ashes of Xbox music. In fact, it looks like the team is the same team that created Xbox music and Zune. Surprisingly, Microsoft now includes it as the only default media player on most PCs.

The app is great, but it still needs some work

Even an untrained eye can tell from just opening the Groove music app for Windows 10 that it’s a rebirth of the Xbox music app. Microsoft hasn’t changed too much, mostly because a lot of the framework was already good and accepted by users. Albums, songs, artists, Radio playlists and Explorer are browsable with vertical navigation instead of the horizontal navigation from the Xbox music home Windows app. When you click and select a different artist, you’ll be taken to it in the main page. All of this is pretty standard. Right-click menus have been added so that you’re able to quickly browse between starting a radio, finding more about an artist and so forth. There is a Properties menu so that you can get the latest information about a track, but you can’t edit that information, including Metadata, which is a limitation of the Xbox music app that is still there. Filtering allows you to go to specific tracks which are stored offline in your library. The artists and most other pages in Groove music allow you to zoom out so that you can see the information correctly. Again, none of this is new if you’ve used Xbox music for any period. The artist’s paint hasn’t changed much. The Bio area gives you a lot of information about an artist. Songs haven’t changed much either. You get a nice look at each song’s attributes and metadata.

Microsoft wants all of its users to be able to use and enjoy their default music app in Windows 10. That is why they have provided a way to import your iTunes libraries into Groove Music easily.

To do this, use the following steps:

  • Launch Groove Music and click on the hamburger menu.
  • Click on the gear icon to open Settings.
  • Now, click Import iTunes Playlist under the Music on this PC option.

Explorer is also seen in Grove music, and it hasn’t changed that much from Xbox music. You’ve got the Now playing area, which has a nice animation when you play something, but it hasn’t significantly changed either, though you can maximize it if you choose to. Settings are basic; you can set your computer to download tracks automatically, sync from one Drive, and download your purchases; you can also turn on the dark mode, which is a really nice touch. Playlists have a nice visualization of all the album covers on an individual playlist, and you can remove individual songs. Fortunately, this does not match the playlist screen that’s in Windows 10.

From the Browse music section, you can get a nice idea of what you’re looking for

Scrolling up and down gets you new featured music collections, music deals, top artists and so forth. It is a nice touch, and it is a step above what was available before. Music deals itself used to be a separate app. You’ve got top-selling songs, you’ve got a collection of top albums and the artist pages. Most of the details are much better in the music area in the Windows Store than they are in Groove music for some reason. Hopefully, Microsoft will improve on the marketplace inside the Groove music app so that it is a lot easier to browse. Despite the problem with metadata editing in Groove music, the app is infinitely more serviceable than the old version was and you get it free.

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