Why properly shut down the computer while work is off

September 22, 2011 |

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This could be a common question for every computer user that whenever the day’s work is finished, why always we shut it down and why not go for ‘sleep’ or ‘hybernate’ option particularly when it can save our time from the hassle of turning on the machine and re-setting the environment. Well there is a proper logic behind every action and here we try to elaborate each.

Ideally the better choice is shutting down the system if you don’t intend to work overnight or going to sleep

In today’s integrated technology era, actual working devices/gadgets are becoming shorter and shorter in sizes but loosing the capacity of bearing unlimited work load. Now doubt, today’s compact and brief versions of various computer components are smarter than ever before, perform the tasks quickly and efficiently but at the same time their durability factor has been minimized.

Sleep Mode:

In this mode, actually the open files are stored in temporary memory RAM and system is turned on low power capacity. In case of memory leaks, incompatibility or bus speed difference, it may create problems with the open processes and cause the system slow.

Hibernate Mode:

Hibernating the system is recommended for some hours delay. In case you are going to some important work and plan to use the system after 3 to 4 hrs, then this is best option. In this phase, the entire computer environment is saved on hard drive and system is actually turned as shut down. That’s why you see longer turning on time while returning from hibernate. Even using this mode frequently may cause damage problems with HDD.

Shut Down Mode:

Shutting down the machine actually turns off every component, clears RAM and perform some important tasks to that are necessary for efficient maintenance. Further every time Windows is reboot, it fixes the important attributes. It is highly recommended to properly shown down your computer whenever it intends to remain idle for longer periods.

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