What You Should Know About Windows 8

October 10, 2011 |

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For the past couple of months, Windows 8 has been in the spotlight

Microsoft made lots of announcements about the new operating system, presented countless new features, and claimed that it is “reinventing the OS”. But what are the most significant Windows 8 features and what you should know about this new operating system from Microsoft? Here are some thoughts on the subject.

First of all, Microsoft knows that Windows 8 needs to be different. For years it has been one step behind Apple in innovation and development (think of iPod and Zune, for example), and now more and more people are showing interest in Android and Ubuntu. So, to remain the King of the Hill, Microsoft needs to come up with something new, fresh, innovative and good. That’s exactly what they want from Windows 8 – hence the amount of new features and a completely new interface. So, what are the most important Windows 8 features? Here goes:

  • Support for desktops, laptops and tablets – the new Windows 8 will work on all types of computers, including tablet PCs. To make this possible, Microsoft had to design it to work with touchscreens and AMR processors. Windows 8 will use Metro UI, which made its way from Windows Phone. Naturally, Microsoft hopes that Windows 8 will help them to take over the tablet market and encourage people to use Windows-running tablets instead of iPads and Android devices. Sounds like a plan, but will it work?
  • Windows App Store – well, this sounds like something familiar. Finally Microsoft is catching up and creating their own app store. Again, the idea is to encourage Android and Apple users to migrate to Windows. But will they? The good thing about the Windows Store is that it will provide attractive opportunities for developers and make the market more competitive, which is always a good thing for the consumer – more choice.
  • Totally transformed desktop and Start menu – a move towards tablet PC interface designed to make Windows 8 easier to use on tablets. The change will shock loyal Windows users, but hopefully they will get used to the new look
  • Better speed and performance – after the Vista disaster Microsoft realized that nobody likes a slow computer. They’ve pretty much fixed the issue with Windows 7 and now they are trying to eliminate it altogether in Windows 8. The new operating system will have a reduced memory footprint, boot a lot faster and open applications a lot quicker thanks to the Metro UI. In addition to that, Windows 8 offers USB 3.0 and Hyper-V support
  • Cloud integration & synchronization – this is a handy new feature that will synch all apps you install from the Windows store across all of your PCs running Windows 8. In addition to that, Windows 8 will synch your desktop background, pinned taskbar items, IE passwords and the rest. Well, you get the idea

So, will Windows 8 do what Microsoft hopes?

That remains to be seen. But in any case, the arrival of Windows 8 will make the tablet market a lot more competitive and exciting.

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  • J
    December 30, 2011 @07:49 pm

    This is a good source of information.

  • S
    February 10, 2012 @05:20 am

    Now I use windows 7 and Ubuntu. I am waiting for windows 7. thanks for share.

  • L
    April 7, 2014 @09:22 pm

    Hi, I’ve a 3 mo old DELL Inspirion 5535. Win. 8.1 (A8)…now on Ethernet cord.

    I have 2 hackers that got my attn. when…
    1) disabled my YTube Ministry of Jesus Christ; from MY laptop in YT, but I could see my tapes / videos, in Media Player – so could they, and they gave it back to me to upload. (How kind).

    2) Two emails were sent to me from my BANK – Wells Fargo. Exact logo, but in 2nd pp, they began to misspell words. They wanted me to click on a link (I did NOT), and WARNED ME, the “Suspicious Activity was found on my acct). Even gave some bogus IP addresss – as if I’d care about that vs. FBI & ICE.

    3) Suddenly, ALL SECURITY IS NOT RUNNING in my task service window / box. NONE of it and other things, such as SYSTEM SETTTINGS, and most things I need to run my PC correctly and safely.

    NOW….AVG, w/One Click…did a SWEEP of OS, and INSTANTLY found the word, ‘ARTIMES TROJEN’ and sought to get rid of it. It didn’t, and my HD almost did NOT reboot back up – took 3 attempts, and prayer…and I finally got it running again.

    4) NOTHING is showing I have anything on my PC, except another scan w/AVG, though PC came w/MACAFEE and AV w/them too. Again, its been STOPPED, and when I make ALL THE STOPPED ….RUN….5 min later, they ALL STOP again!!! Some will NOT even flip over to run.

    5) When last night I had another issue w/a restart – the PC said, DG? had a VIOLAITION ATTACHED. Not sure what THAT was…but again, AVG, M-FEE, MALWAREBYTES, and all other “SO CALLED SECURITY MALWARE FINDERS” are NOT locating this thing, that’s cleary DESTROYING my new DELL.

    I use SKYPE to talk often (daily) to my boyfriend, I’m afraid (a rape victim 25 yrs ago), they’re watching us…hearing us…and watching ME, w/out using my camera. CAN THEY???

    I found lots of CERTIFICATE names w/$$$ before and after the name – and SO DELETED ALL OF THEM.

    I am the ONLY person on this PC, yet, many seem to have taken over, where if I click on something, I’m told by a box, AUTHORIZED USER ONLY – or ACCESS DENIED. Man that just TICKS ME OFF!!! (50 y/o woman), btw.

    Took pics on SAMSUNG cell & before I even looked at them I the cell, THEY WERE ON MY PC AND IN ALL PLACES PICS GO. Didn’t care, except some where FOR MY EYES ONLY of me after a shower (dressed), but NOT what I want my viewers of ministry to see. (Taken for posterity, before 51 y/o).

    I DO NOT LIKE THE SYNCING….they have ALL PSWDS, so to change them is ridiculous, they’ll just get into my email. They got to 2 on my contact list, my 71 y/o mom, HAD TO BUY A NEW PC due to them. I do NOT use a Visa Debit card on line, nor do banking – but DID use it ONE TIME….they drained acct leaving 2 cents. Bank told me NOT TO USE AGAIN, OR THEY’LL SHUT DOWN MY ENTIRE ACCT. I’m on SS Disability and Food Stamps. THEY’RE NOT GETTING MUCH FROM ME.

    Did a fact reset…NOTHING but lost work. Told by net provider, NEED TO UNPLUG MODEM, AND PC….AND GET OS REFORMATTED. Ahhhh…..$$$$ I don’t have!!! Nor time to send PC away before “Blood Moon” on Passover 4/15/14 – (one of 4 w/2 solar eclipses), VIP signs…falling on HOLY DAYS found in Leviticus. I MUST be able to get my videos up NOW….but so afraid the world CAN see my IP address – thus there is NOTHING on my PC, nothing!!!

    I’ll need to get new ph #, they REMOVED ALL CONTACTS and put IN, ALL G+ FOLLOWERS ON MY PHONE!!! due to syncing via Goggle, I’m sure. As well, until I get rid of them, its USELESS to get a new email and pswds. THEY’RE ALL SAVED UNDER THAT DAMNED CLOUD, you enjoy, as I read. I do NOT, nor did my bank when showed them, for THIS REASON!!! I have a short term memory, due to car accident and thus, the disability. NEW PSWDS will be HARD for me; but do-able.


    Thank you!