I want to upgrade to the Anniversary Update but can’t do it

February 14, 2018 |

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The long-awaited Windows 10 Anniversary Update has arrived. The improvements made are visible almost at first sight. A wide range of new features awaits your discovery: starting from various improvements to Cortana, but also featuring some much called for hardware enhancements. But not all of us have been so lucky as to seamlessly upgrade our machines.  If you can’t upgrade to the anniversary update, use the following tips.

First, figure out if the problem is that your PC hasn’t received Windows 10’s anniversary update

It’s vital to remember that the Anniversary Update  was not available to all users at the same time when it was released. So it is possible that your system is not up to date, and that can be the cause of the malfunction. Make a sensible inventory of your updates and check if you need to update anything else. To do that, you need to set your computer to accept Windows 10 updates. It’s possible that this function is disabled on your computer. Go to Settings, select Update and Security, then Windows Upgrades, progress to Advanced Options, and uncheck the Defer Upgrades Options. This will allow to download upgrades from Windows at a faster pace.

Another miscommunication between your PC and the Windows 10 Anniversary Update can be due to a metered connection. This happens when you’ve adjusted your wi-fi settings to a metered connection. In this case, you will not be receiving installation updates. To fix this issue, go to Settings, Network & Internet and Advanced Options, find the tick box for the metered connection and check it.

It is, of course, possible that the updates

are being blocked by your antivirus software. Disabling the antivirus in order to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update can solve the issue. And lastly, the issue could be as simple as lack of space on your computer. We sometimes forget that the requirements for a new operating system download can be quite large. Check if you have enough space on your PC before embarking on the quest to install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in 2018.

So, just to recap:

  • Set the computer to receive updates
  • Disable the metered connection
  • Don’t use your antivirus when downloading the update
  • Check if you have enough space for the update

Sometimes Windows tries to help you find the missing piece of the puzzle and guides you by presenting with errors. Using the code of a particular error, you can find a solution to your issue. It can be error 0x8020000f or 0x800704DD-0x90016 Error, this code can be a sign that your computer is stuck on install or reboot after falling asleep. Another tell-tale sign of that can be if your mouse is disabled. If you have encountered these issues or update errors, it might be time to upgrade your drivers and set in motion a diagnostic for your computer.

The issues detailed above are all connected to the issue of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. But what makes them completely irrelevant is the fact that when you are experiencing issues like this, you are most likely to have been attacked by malware. Unfortunately, no matter how many settings  you tweaks, the malware will be digging deeper and deeper into your computer.

This eventually can lead to bad sectors, which in turn will threaten the well-being of your operational system and can ultimately lead to hard drive failure and sensitive data loss.

By using anti-malware software such as Auslogics’s Anti-Malware, you reduce the risks to a minimum.

Not only will you be protected from malware but your computer will undergo a series of scans:

  • a quick scan
  • a deep scan
  • a custom scan

As an addition to these essential features, the program will also find out if you are being tracked by cookies that collect your personal data. It will create a schedule for you scans depending on you’re the safety of your internet connection and activity on the web.

This software can scan how many security issues your Computer may have, for free! After the scan, depending on the outcome, you can make a decision about buying the full version in order to avoid future setbacks. Also, you will probably have a better idea about why you can’t download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, whether it’s because of a software issue or if there is something more malicious going on with your computer’s hardware. It’s important to act fast and secure your sensitive data before any kind of update, especially if you have experienced some unnerving system failures so far.

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