How to repair iCloud settings are out of date on Windows 10?

April 5, 2018 |

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Apple products have embedded themselves deeply into our lives. Nowadays, if you are not using your iPhone or iPad, you’re probably using iTunes – that’s how ever-present these little gadgets have become. For some of us, though, not all Apple products are sufficient or even relevant in terms of work and software capacity.

So, occasionally, you’ll find yourself using specific iCloud settings on computers that run the Windows operating system. And this is where the genius of the Apple marketing presents itself: you are gently, but very steadily forced to change your experience and tweak the settings in your computer to accommodate the intricate system that Apple has built inside its password-protected software.

This article deals with the pop-up that reads the following:

‘iCloud settings are out of date’

We will show you why it’s important to never lose your password and how to befriend your iCloud with Windows 10.

But first things first: as a user, you must remember the difference between Apple ID and iCloud ID and how significant it is to know the password and login for both of them at all times. So, the Apple id and the iCloud id are both accounts that you can register with Apple Inc. However, the Apple ID is mainly used to log into the iCloud. So, basically, you can have two accounts that you can access, but if you lose the password for Apple ID, you are in big trouble, since your iCloud can’t be accessed from the Apple device by an Apple user.

Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to unblock a device that has been protected by a password, so many users are stuck with a perfectly working Apple product, having no way of accessing it because of the password issue. An iCloud account requires an email, but since you create an Apple ID email address, you get a new address ending with by extension, and it’s easy to be confused by this, so opt out and use one email at all times. Your iCloud is connected to your Apple ID intrinsically, so the protection of both is instrumental. Use a strong password and change it often to avoid hacking into your device. If you have been so unfortunate as to divulge this sensitive information, be advised that you need to cancel all the compromised credits cards and payment services that you have had installed on your gadget.

The ‘iCloud account settings are out of date’ error is an indication that you have two-factor authentication enabled on your iCloud account and since you are trying to access the account via a third party, you get the error. As a result, your Windows 10 fails to synchronize documents, contacts, and calendar. What you need to remember is that this error is an indication of some activity that the developers seemed malicious and potentially harmful for your devices, and the mishap you are experiencing is fixable once you ensure the security of your connection and password.

So, how to fix ‘iCloud account settings are out of date’ error on Windows 10?

In order to fix this issue, you need to generate an app-specific password. However, to do this, you need to enable the two-factor authentication for a better protection of your connection. You need to complete both steps to get rid of the ‘iCloud account settings are out of date’ error on Windows 10.

Step 1. Enable two-factor authentication.

  • Visit the Apple ID page from your browser and log on with your personal Apple ID and password
  • Provide the correct answers to the security questions and then click Continue.
  • Find the Security tab and Two-Step Verification, select Get Started.
  • Select your preferred region and provide your telephone number, choose Continue.
  • After receiving a four-digit Apple ID verification code, enter the code into the provided space and wait for further instructions.
  • If you are not receiving a code, check your Apple ID devices. Probably one of them has received the code, so you need to verify that device with a password and retrieve the sent code.
  • Read the terms and conditions box and check it if you agree.
  • Click Enable Two-Step Verification. Done. You have enabled the two-factor authentication.

Step 2. Generate an app-specific password.

  • Having set up the two-step verification, you will get a new tab in the Security tab called Generate Password
  • Since you are creating an app-specific password, it might be prudent to add a label tag to this password. Type in the password and hit Create.
  • Copy this password and click Done.
  • Locate the app you were creating the password for and launch it.
  • Paste the specific password you copied into the password field.

After doing everything that this guide suggested, you have successfully generated an app-specific password for the third-party app you were using, and now this password will make possible the usage of this application on Windows 10. The error “iCloud settings are out of date” will not appear again, but if you are required to re-enter the password, use the specific password you have created to work around this security issue.



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