How to get rid of Windows Update Error 57A?

March 3, 2018 |

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When we are expected to do our best in the workplace, we forget that one of the main pretexts to performing well is to have the equipment that performs well also. So, whenever you are charged with an important mission that is vital to your company, you should make sure that your computer is running smoothly. Inspect your PC for faulty updates, as well as outdated drivers. Ascertain that there are no issues that can occur unexpectedly and ruin the documents you’ve been working on.

Probably one of the best ways to maintain proper health and functioning of your PC is to schedule frequent backups and update the operating system in time and according to your computer’s requirements. Provided that you care about the longevity of your device, you can encounter errors that have come up before or after the scheduled downloads. In this article, we will address the issue of how to remove the 57a error message.

This alert may pop up when you’re trying to install the MS Office 2007 or any other Microsoft-related software program. It’s very common to experience the 57A error message when you are trying to run Windows Update or even during the installation of the new Windows operating system.

What are the signs that you are experiencing Error 57A?

  • the active program window crashes, leaving you with ‘error 57A’ displayed on the screen
  • your PC frequently crashes when you are running a specific program
  • your Windows is running slow
  • the mouse or keyboard is not responsive or very slow
  • from time to time, your computer ‘freezes’ for a few seconds

You should keep track of when and at which point in the installation process this error occurs because it may give an indication as to what may have gone wrong.

What can be the cause of Error 57A?

  1. Incomplete installation of the Windows Updates software
  2. Corrupted Windows Update software
  3. Corrupted Windows registry
  4. Virus or malware
  5. Malicious software that has has deleted some essential files in the Windows Update-related files

How to fix Windows Update Error 57a in Windows 10?

Tip 1. You can try to manually repair the corrupted registry entries associated with the error 57A.

However, if you are not a professional, we suggest you use a trusted registry cleaner, such as Auslogics Registry Cleaner, to avoid the risk of misplacing items or damaging your registry beyond repair. This free program will clean the registry from all the files that were left there from previous software updates and repair those files that need to be improved. It will also find the missing or mislabeled files in the registry, and as a result, you will have a faster running PC.

Wait until all your registry keys are checked and repaired.

Tip 2. Scan your computer for Malware.

If you have been using your device for a long time, you may know that browsing the internet is a great way to get a lot of unwanted malicious software lodged into your system. It’s important to install anti-malware software to keep those pesky spy programs & tracking cookies out of your life and your computer’s hard drive. Malware that is left unattended can eventually lead to system failure and can cause issues far more unpleasant than the error 57a.

Tip 3. Clean out your System Temporary Files.

After you’ve cleaned up your Registry and restored the corrupted files, clean out the junk from your system. It accumulates as a result of all the day-to-day activities: browsing the web, using software, adding new documents, downloads, etc. Temporary files are not dangerous per se, they are versions of the files that you’ve kept unsaved or unfinished installations, but they can cause Windows Update to respond slowly or be the cause of the error 57a in Windows 10.

Tip 4. Revise Windows Updates.

Revise Windows Updates. If you are making a full revision of all the software that you have on your computer, it’s prudent to glance into the Windows Update Service and install all the available updates. Having a system that is up-to-date is prerequisite for a well-maintained computer.

Tip 5. Update your drivers.

Drivers are essential to the communication between your hard drive and the new software that you’ve just installed. So, whenever you are not sure if your driver is updated, use Auslogics Driver Updater to schedule and keep the process rolling. Without the added time you would have spent on looking for updates, you’ll have time to do well at your job and have a computer that performs increasingly well working at its full capacity.

Wait until the driver updates are downloaded and installed.

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