How to fix cursor problem on Windows 10?

February 9, 2018 |

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After the Windows 10 upgrade has dropped, there have been a lot of reports of a missing mouse pointer or cursor. It could vanish without a trace after the Upgrade from the previous version of Windows or if the computer was woken up from sleep mode. If your mouse is not working in Windows 10, read this guide to find out the cause and possible solutions.

Of course, if you are saving on electricity, you will be using the sleep mode on your computer quite often. And imagine how frustrating it must feel after you’ve rebooted your computer and it’s still not up-to-date. You must be panicking and thinking that you can’t even use Windows without a mouse. How do you even begin to start working your way around without using a mouse, can you even do that and what happens when your wireless mouse is out or order? Or your laptop mouse touchpad isn’t working? All of these issues, unfortunately, have one common denominator.

But before you find yourself up in a frenzy, inhale deeply and read our guide on how to fix the mouse cursor disappearing act on Windows 10.

  1. First things first, try the all-time favorite method of ‘switching it on and off again’. The vanishing mouse can be an issue due to the fact the Windows may have disabled your mouse during the upgrade from the previous version. In order to ‘wake up’ the mouse, try re-enabling your mouse. There are different methods to do this too:When you are using a laptop and the mouse doesn’t show, try the combination of Fn+F3, F5, F9 or F11. The decision of which F key to use depends on the model of our computer, so you might want to consider digging up that laptop manual. This key combination will turn on/off your mouse in an attempt to re-enable it.
  2. If the first one doesn’t work, try again.
  3. And if that doesn’t work try getting to the mouse settings manually, using your keyboard.
  • To do this, you need to press the Win Key on your keyboard and then type the word ‘mouse’. It’s as easy as that! You will see “Mouse Settings” and in the menu that appeared above, press the Up or Down arrow on your keyboard. This action will highlight the function, and you will be able to press ‘Enter”.
  • The next step would be to press Tab on your keyboard, this will help you navigate to the “Additional mouse options” within the ‘Related Settings’ that will be highlighted. To select it, press “Enter” on your keyboard. But that’s not the last step!
  • You will see the “Mouse Properties’ Window. Then, press Tab until the Buttons is highlighted with a dotted border.
  • Press the right arrow key and select “Device Settings”.
  • In the opened window you will see the ‘the device’ aka your mouse is enabled or disabled.
  • Click “Enable”. This will make you see the mouse pointer once again.
    As you can see, the quest for the “Vanishing mouse” is long and arduous, and that’s why we have another solution prepared for you!

It is highly likely that this issue came into existence because of a misunderstanding between your computer and the mouse driver

You see, Windows doesn’t really keep track of what is being updated at which point. This neglect, in the end, becomes the cause of a disappearing pointer. If your mouse driver is wrong or out of date, when Windows 10 updates, it will come into conflict with the derelict software and just ignore it.

The solution is simple (or, so it seems?), you need to update your driver and see if that helps to find the elusive mouse. In a perfect world, the new driver will recognize the new operating system right away and provide the best performance of your computer. However, if you don’t know how to manually update the drivers, you’ll end up frantically searching for the right settings to tweak. We must argue that it’s probably not the best idea to fix the problem by yourself. After all, you don’t want to make a mistake while installing the new driver and delete something important, don’t you? To make sure that you are looking for the right solution, you should become familiar with your drivers and how often they need an update. Depending on how old your computer is, it may come into conflict with the new operating system, and this will lead to a whole bunch of problems for you.

One of the most annoying lags of the Windows 10 upgrade is the visible absence of the mouse cursor.

We have suggested a quick fix, a not-so-quick fix, and an alternative fix. You can choose to try all three or just go with the last one. After all, is only natural to want to optimize your computer’s lifespan to a point where you don’t have to worry about insufficient knowledge about drivers. But why not automate the whole process and purchase a program that would do that for you? Auslogics Driver Updater will automatically scan the system and find the correct drivers for it. It will keep the drivers up to date and running, reducing the risks of malfunction or new troubleshooting for you in the future.

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