How to disable Windows 10 updates completely?

February 28, 2018 |

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The new Windows 10 updates are causing frustration among Microsoft customers for their brash attempts to update the operating system without the user’s consent. In the earlier versions of Windows (8.1, for example), the user had the option of downloading and installing an update at a convenient time.

In fact, you actually had the following options:

  1. The “Recommended” feature of installing the updates automatically
  2. Picking a time at your convenience to Download the updates
  3. Checking for updates, but with the option of downloading them at that precise time or not
  4. You could take the option of not checking for updates, which was “Not Recommended”

Such a generous array of options was great because you could minimize the updating time yourself and choose when and where you would upgrade your PC. You could also defer the update but still keep the downloaded package on your PC or later use. Unfortunately, these options no longer exist for Windows 10, causing people to want to disable Windows 10 updates completely. This article is dedicated to the issues surrounding the problematic Windows 10 update service and the possible repercussions of the updates’  deactivation.

Since releasing the Windows 10 update, Microsoft has come forward with the announcement that it will be providing updates in 2 modes for 2 distinctly different types of users.

  1. The first group is home users. They will not have the option of deferring the updates. In reality, this means that at any given time, the computer might slow down because it is downloading and installing updates as per its own schedule. Good news is  that your Windows 10 will actually let you defer the reboot after the updates have been installed. This will not help much, unfortunately, because before you restart the computer, it will be sitting on the downloaded upgrades and wasting valuable resources.
  2. The second group of users is the enterprise users. They will have the option of holding update until a more convenient time. Microsoft has assured us that the second group will not get the aggressive incentives to update the system or will get them less frequently, as opposed to the first group.

In layman terms, this new policy means that neither the first nor the second group of Microsoft customers will have the option of not downloading the updates. As soon as possible, your computer will download them and occupy the memory that would otherwise have been occupied with your own processes. So, it’s no wonder that some users are looking for ways to disable Windows 10 updates completely. We have prepared a description of a possible workaround to make the problematic upgrade disappear entirely.

How to forbid Windows 10 Updates?

You can disable the Windows Update service. To do that, you need to use the Control Panel and access “Administrative Tools”. Here is where you need to select Window Service Manager. When you’ve reached your destination, in the  Services window, find “Windows Update” at the bottom of the page and turn off the service. You’ll need to right-click “Properties” and select “Disabled”. As a result of these actions, you will stop the automatic installation of the updates on your computer. Problem solved!

Note that this will completely stop the scheduled updates. This means that if you find that you need to upgrade your computer after a while, you will need to go to Windows Services Manager and turn it on again to download new features so that you can upgrade to a newer build.

Essentially, this workaround places all the responsibility for your operating system’s health and well-being on your shoulders. That’s why it is very important to keep your drivers up to date and your Registry clean. We advise installing the free program called Auslogics Registry Cleaner. It will allow you to clean, repair and optimize your Registry before your next manual update. Besides, it will significantly increase the performance of your PC by finding and eliminating incorrect system or internet settings. If you wanted to learn how to turn off Win 10 updates on your computer, we hope you’ve found the answers in this article.

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