How to fix the Minecraft no sound issue on a Windows 10 computer?

October 2, 2018 |

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For all we know, Minecraft might be a decent game. However, we are sure that some issues affecting its app are well capable of degrading its gameplay. A good number of users, especially those with PCs running Windows 10, have complained they hear no sound from their speakers when they play the game.

We believe that the issue in view rarely manifests on computers running older versions of Windows like Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. There appears to be a Minecraft sound glitch with Windows 10 in particular. Therefore, this guide will be focused toward this iteration of Windows.

We will provide practical fixes for the no sound issue in Minecraft so that users can enjoy their game without limitations.

How to fix the no sound issue in Minecraft easily?

We ask that you begin your troubleshooting operations with the first procedure on this list. If it fails to do enough to resolve the problem in your case, then you are free to move on the next one, and if necessary, you must continue with the solutions in the order they appear until you reach the fix that proves ideal for you.

  1. Verify that the mute options are not currently in use for Minecraft on your computer:

It is imperative that you confirm that the lack of sound from the Minecraft application is not a result of you (accidentally) muting your PC or disabling audio output for the game in particular. Here are the instructions you must follow to verify the state of things:

  • Try to play an audio file stored on your PC. If you can hear sounds clearly from your PC’s speakers, then the mute option is probably not in use on your computer. Launch Minecraft and move to the third step.

On the other hand, if you cannot hear anything even though Windows appears to be playing sound, then your system’s audio has been muted. You have to make things right. Continue with the instructions below:

  • Move your cursor to the notification area (the section on the lower-right corner of your taskbar). Now, you must right-click on the Volume icon you see, then select Open Volume Mixer from the short menu list that appears.
  • The Volume Mixer window should be up by now. To turn up the volume for Minecraft, you must hold and drag up the slider for it. Now, you are free to launch Minecraft and check if the sound from its app is now audible. If you notice things remained as they were before, then you must continue with the instructions below:
  • After the Minecraft program window comes up, click on Options or Settings (depending on which one you see). Click on Music and Sound (or Audio) to enter the audio settings or menu for the game.
  • Go through all the parameters or options (Music, Weather, Hostile Creatures, and so on) you see and ensure that every one of them is set to their maximum value (usually 100%). Click on the Done button. Windows will save the new settings now.
  • Close the Minecraft app and reopen it to ensure that the changes you made have become effective. You must now try to play the game to find if the no sound issue has been resolved.
  1. Try out a combination of keys:

If you often encounter the no sound problem while you play Minecraft, then this combination of keys might give you a reprieve: the F3 and S keys. You must press both keys at the same time (or simultaneously), and this action will force a reload of the game immediately.

If the stated combination of keys fails to deliver the result you were expecting, then you must try out another: the F3 and T keys. This operation forces a reload of the textures and sounds. A different category of users confirmed that this one had worked for them instead.

In general, after you press any of the stated combinations of buttons to solve the problem, we recommend you wait for some time (preferably a few seconds) to observe the changes resulting from your action. You will know that you have completely resolved the audio problems plaguing the Minecraft app if your computer continues to play sound long after you carried out the operation.

  1. Alter the Mipmap Levels option in the video settings:

This fix is only applicable to users running the Java edition of the Minecraft game. An alteration as regards the Mipmap level in the settings menu for the app might bring about changes that get rid of Minecraft sound problems. Follow these instructions to make the necessary alterations:

  • Open the Minecraft app. After the game program window shows up, click on the Options button. From the items you see, click on Video settings
  • Now, you must adjust the slider for Midmap Levels. To save the changes, click on the Done button. Of course, you must rerun the Minecraft app to find out the current state of the annoying audio issues.
  1. Configure the sound settings for your PC:

Certain sound settings are incompatible with the standard audio output from the Minecraft app. You might be using one of such configurations currently. Or perhaps, your settings are incorrect or invalid because you failed to configure them properly. In either case, Minecraft sound problems are merely a consequence of poor choices.

To fix the issues, you will have to alter specific parameters to configure the sound settings of your Windows 10 computer. These instructions will guide you to do the right thing:

  • Navigate your cursor to the notification area (the lower-right hand section) of your Taskbar. From the objects visible there, you must locate your Volume icon and right-click on it. From the short list of options that pop up, select Sound.
  • The Sound window should be up by now. Under the Playback tab, you will see your default playback device which you must click on to highlight it. Click on the Configure button.
  • The Speaker Setup window will appear, and there, under Audio channels, you must expand the options for the drop-down menu, then select Stereo. Click on the Next button to move on.
  • Tick the checkbox for Front left and right (under Full-range speakers). Click on the Next button. At this point, if everything went well, you should see a notification stating that you have finished creating your configuration.
  • Click on the Finish button to activate or use the newly created configuration. Finally, you must open Minecraft and see how the game now fares as regards audio output.
  1. Update your audio drivers:

Drivers are designed to handle or manage the interactions involving a specific hardware component (your audio device, for example) and software (code for audio output in the Minecraft game, for example).

Therefore, if an audio driver is missing on your PC or if your computer is running a corrupted or outdated audio driver, then the sound issues will persist no matter what you do (until you fix the problem affecting the drivers).

You will need to update the affected driver. We know of two ways by which you can go about the required operations:

  • If you download and run Auslogics Driver Updater, then the automatic method (usually the fastest and the most reliable way of getting the job done) will become available for you to use. A short description of the process is in order.

The recommended app works by initiating a scan to identify all problematic drivers on your PC (the audio drivers, in your case). After it finishes identifying the missing, corrupted or outdated drivers, you will see the options (usually buttons you can click on) to update specific drivers to their latest manufacturer-recommended versions.

Invariably, you might decide to go a step further to fix the problems affecting all drivers on your computer by replacing them with the newest driver versions available. Of course, a practical operation to update a large number of drivers in no time is only possible through the automatic method.

  • If you decide against making use of the automatic method of updating drivers, then you are left with no choice but to consider the manual means of performing the same task. Here, as you will have to carry out operations that a program would otherwise have helped you execute, you might come to realize that the manual process of updating drivers is cumbersome and time-consuming.

You will need to identify the specific audio drivers you need to update. Open the Device Manager program, navigate through the necessary options and menus to enter the Properties window for the drivers. Take note of the details you see or write them down somewhere.

With the information you obtained about the drivers, you must move to search for their replacements on the web. If you are lucky, you might find them on the first page of Google search results, but if things do not go your way, you might end up going through numerous websites and pages without finding what you need.

Regardless of the method by which you updated the required drivers, you must restart your system after the job is done to allow the new drivers to begin their work. Finally, you can move on to check if Minecraft audio problems have become non-existent.

  1. Reinstall the Minecraft app:

If you got to this point, then the solutions above did not do enough to fix the Minecraft sound problem. Or perhaps, a bug or glitch we failed to address is still active in causing the audio issue. In either scenario, the reinstallation of the Minecraft app might deliver the result you want because this procedure is disruptive enough to bring about widespread changes.

We will provide the instructions you must go through to uninstall the Minecraft app, depending on how it ended up on your computer in the first place. Whatever you do, ensure you download and install the latest or stable version of the Minecraft app after you get rid of it.

If you obtained the app from the Microsoft Store, then here are steps you need to follow to remove Minecraft from your system and reinstall it:

  • Press the Windows button on your keyboard; you can also click on the Windows Start icon always visible on your desktop screen to arrive at the same result. Perform a search by inputting the following keyword into the text field you see: Minecraft.

From the results that appear, you will see the Minecraft game currently installed on your PC. Right-click on it, then select Uninstall from the short menu list that shows up.

  • If a dialog box comes up to get confirmation for the uninstallation operation, click on the Uninstall button to continue.

Windows will now move to get rid of Minecraft as instructed. After the uninstallation is complete, you will do well to get rid of any leftover file or folder that has something to do with Minecraft, and finally, you must launch the Microsoft Store app, search for Minecraft to download and install your game once more.

If you are one of those users who downloaded the game’s JAVA edition from the official Minecraft website, then these are instructions you must go through to remove and restore the Minecraft app:

  • Open the Control Panel app. You can do this by first opening the Run app (press and hold the Windows button on your keyboard, then tap the letter R key), inputting Control into the text field available, then hitting the Enter key.
  • After the required program window appears, select Category (one of the options available for View by). You will see a list from which you must click on the Uninstall a program link (under the Programs menu).
  • Under the Uninstall or change a program menu, Windows will display all the applications currently installed on your computer. Go through them and locate Minecraft. Right-click on the game, then select Uninstall from the short menu list to remove the app.
  • Windows will act to get rid of the selected application. After your system completes the uninstallation, you must move on to fetch your game from the official Minecraft website. Launch your browser, search for Minecraft, navigate through the necessary pages or options to download the needed file. Run the saved item to install Minecraft.

We believe that after a fresh installation of the Minecraft app, the no sound issue will no longer disturb you or affect your gameplay.

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