How to fix Guild Wars 2 problems in Windows 10?

January 16, 2020 |

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Guild Wars 2 is a beloved and popular virtual utopia for gamers that love to explore mystical worlds and encounter frightening monsters. ArenaNet developed the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and it adopts a unique gaming style where gamers define their journeys and quests. Being the sequel to Guild Wars, the game is set in the aftermath of Guild Wars’ fantasy world, Tyria.

Players take the form of game characters and join a guild, Destiny’s Edge, to embark on a quest to seize back control of Tyria from the Elder Dragons. The game is filled with exceptional gaming tricks and skills and gameplay that stays fresh in memory.

When playing a game like Guild Wars 2, you never want a single glitch to come in the way of your gaming experience. The fantasy video game sets players up against other players, which means errors are the last thing you want to encounter. However, errors do happen, and they can throw you into a fit of frustration and annoyance. The good thing, though, is that you can fix these errors and make sure they never bother you again.

In this article, we’ll cover Guild Wars 2 issues that occur on Windows 10 and show you how to fix them.

What issues do Guild Wars 2 suffer on Windows 10, and why do they occur?

Many users have reported a number of issues that occur while playing the game or while trying to launch it. These errors include graphical glitches, frequent crashes, and connection issues. The causes of these problems are diverse and different according to what’s happening in each PC.

For some, it could be that the computer lacks the hardware or software specifications to meet the minimum requirements of the game, while for others, issues such as in-game misconfigurations, software conflicts, driver issues, and broken game files are behind problems and errors that users face.

While Windows 10 comes with many enhancements to improve the gaming experience, gaming problems are still a sad reality. However, armed with the right information, you can resolve these issues and get gaming again in no time. If you’re one of the users who are experiencing issues with Guild Wars 2, you can resume your gameplay after applying the fixes we have provided in this article.

How to fix Guild Wars 2 errors

You can find the different fixes for different Guild Wars 2 errors in this guide. Make sure you follow the solutions carefully and one after the other so that you can effectively resolve the issue you’re experiencing.

First things first: Make sure your computer meets the system requirements of the game

You won’t be able to run Guild Wars 2 smoothly or at all if your computer’s specifications fall short of the game’s requirements. This could be the reason you’re finding it difficult to launch the game or play it smoothly. You’ll find the minimum requirements for the game below; check them against your system’s current specs and perform an upgrade if your computer is lacking any of the specifications.

Minimum requirements

Operating System:                      Windows XP service pack 3

Free Hard Drive space:              50 Gigabytes

Memory (RAM):                          4 Gigabytes

Graphics card:                               256 MB of VRAM; Intel HD 3000; ATI Radeon X1900; Nvidia GeForce 8600GT

Make sure your computer meets or surpasses these standards. To improve the quality of your gameplay, use a 64-bit operating system, preferably Windows 10. You should also note that you have to install DirectX 9 to play the game.

If you still experience issues despite meeting the system requirements for the game, follow the fixes laid out below.

How to fix Guild Wars 2 launcher keeps crashing

One of the common issues with Guild Wars 2 is that the launcher keeps crashing. If you’re experiencing this problem, some fixes can help you resolve it, and you can find them below:

First Fix: Scan and fix the game archive

Guild Wars 2 requires its game archives to run properly. These archives are important files that hold different sets of instructions. Corrupt or missing game archives lead to numerous problems, such as disconnects and crashes and other issues. If you’re facing any error, the first step to take is verifying and repairing the archive. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Use the Windows+E shortcut to launch File Explorer.
  2. Click on This PC in the left pane and navigate to the Gw2.exe file in the Guild Wars 2 folder. You can find this file by using the search function once you open This PC.
  3. Once you locate the executable file, right-click it, and choose Create shortcut from the context menu.
  4. Change the name of the shortcut to Guild Wars 2 Repair.
  5. Now, right-click the shortcut (Guild Wars 2 Repair) and then click on Properties.
  6. Go to the Target text box and add -repair to the target line.
  7. Click on Ok to save your changes.
  8. Double-click the shortcut to trigger the automatic repair process. Once the repair completes, the game will open. Check to see if the error occurs again.

You can save the shortcut for future verifications and repairs. You can create a different shortcut dedicated to launching the game, as the repair shortcut will always run a repair before it launches the game.

Second Fix: Run Guild Wars 2 as an administrator

Although this fix mainly works in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, it also works wonders in Windows 10. Enhancing the game’s privileges on your computer will give it the freedom to access different resources and render properly. To grant the game administrative rights, right-click on its shortcut and select the Run as Administrator option whenever you want to launch the game. You can also run the game as an administrator permanently; just follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the game’s shortcut.
  2. Click on Properties in the context menu.
  3. Navigate to the Compatibility tab.
  4. Mark the checkbox associated with “Run this program as an administrator”.
  5. Click on Ok.

Third Fix: Make sure your graphics card driver is up-to-date

An outdated or faulty graphics card driver is bad news for any game. If you have this kind of problem, then it explains why the game crashes or freezes whenever you launch it. To fix the problem, update your graphics card driver.

Auslogics Driver Updater offers you the best way to update your graphics card driver and any other device driver on your computer. The program is designed by a Microsoft Gold Certified Developer. It works by scanning your computer and searching for drivers that are missing or outdated and downloads and installs them from the main source.

You can update your graphics card driver using Device Manager too. To do this, press the Win+X shortcut and click on Device Manager in the menu that appears above the Start button. In Device Manager, expand Display Adapters, right-click on your video card and then click on Update Driver from the context menu. Now, click on the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option, and Windows will search for the latest driver online and then download and install it. Windows will notify you if your graphics card driver is already up-to-date.

Fourth Fix: Install DirectX 9.0c

Microsoft DirectX 9 is software developed to enhance the performance of applications, especially games, that render rich graphical elements like high definition video, 3D animation, and premium sound. Guild Wars 2 requires this software technology to function properly. If it’s not on your computer, download and install it right away and then check if the error disappears.

Fifth Fix: Run the game in compatibility mode

The game might be malfunctioning because it’s not compatible with the settings of your current OS. You can make the game run with the configurations of an older OS and check if that helps. Follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the shortcut of the game and click Properties or locate Gw2.exe, right-click it and then choose Properties.
  2. Once the Properties dialog opens, switch to the Compatibility tab.
  3. Tick the checkbox next to “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and then choose Windows 7 from the drop-down right under the checkbox.
  4. Now click Ok and then try launching the game.

Sixth fix: Make sure the game’s folder isn’t read-only

The Guild Wars 2 client needs to modify the folder that houses the game before it can function properly. If this folder is set to “read only”, you’ll experience a lot of issues. To fix this, right-click on the game’s shortcut and choose Properties from the menu, then uncheck the box beside “read-only” and then click Ok.

Seventh Fix: Clear temporary files

You can go to your game cache and remove some of the temporary files that were created over time.

Press Windows+R to open Run, type %temp% in the dialog box and then hit Enter to open the Temp folder. Look for folders with a string of numbers that have the gw2cache- prefix and delete them. You may be required to redownload some files that are needed to run the game, but deleting the entire folder will help you get rid of corrupt files that may be responsible for the problem you’re facing.

How to fix Guild Wars 2 black screen problems

Some users reported seeing a black screen when they launched the game, but that they could still hear the game’s sounds. If you’re experiencing this problem as well, follow the steps below to fix it:

First Fix: Tweak router/modem configurations

You can use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the modem if you use a router. This bypass can solve the problem. Also, deactivating the SPI Firewall in modem/router hybrid systems is known to be a good fix.

Second Fix: Temporarily disable your security software

Some system protection programs such as antivirus suites and firewall applications can interfere with the game’s process and trigger the black screen. To fix this, temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall. Windows Defender antivirus and firewall tools can also block Guild Wars 2 and cause the black screen issue. You can disable these security tools by following these steps:

  1. Open the Start menu and click on the gear icon.
  2. Click Update & Security when Settings opens.
  3. Go to the left pane and click on Windows Security.
  4. Open Windows Defender Security Center.
  5. Now, click on Virus & threat protection and then click on Virus & threat protection settings.
  6. Turn off the Real-time protection option.
  7. Now go to the Windows Defender Security Center home screen and click on Firewall & network protection.
  8. Click Domain Network and then toggle off Windows Defender Firewall. Repeat this step for Private Network and Public Network.

Now check if the problem goes away. Remember to reenable your system protection programs once you’re done or if you find out that the problem is still occurring. You can also apply the fixes for the crashing issue that we covered earlier, such as updating your graphics card driver, fixing the game’s archive, and running the game in compatibility mode.

How to fix Guild Wars 2 updating issues

Some users complained that their client got stuck at 99% while performing an update. You can resolve this problem by applying the fixes below:

First Fix: Remove the local.dat file

The local.dat file contains certain game data, which is crucial to the update process. If it becomes corrupted or encounters any issue, you may experience a series of problems, the updating issue being one of them.

To fix this problem, search for the local.dat folder in File Explorer and delete it from your computer. Now, restart your PC and open Guild Wars 2. The game will find out that the file is missing and will replace it with a new one.

Second Fix: Change the launcher’s language settings

If deleting the local.dat file doesn’t solve the problem, try changing the language of the client. Go to the top-right corner of the launcher and change your current language. Doing this should force the launcher to complete the download. Make sure you note down how you made the changes. Once the download is complete, choose your main language again.

Fixing Guild Wars 2 connection problems

There are times when you might experience issues connecting to the Guild Wars 2 servers. Users have experienced error messages such as “Download failed! Please check your internet connection and try again” and “Connection error(s) detected. Retrying…”. To fix these issues, follow these tips:

First Fix: Grant Guild Wars 2 access in your firewall program and exempt the game in your antivirus program

You might be unable to connect to the Guild Wars 2 servers because your system protection applications are denying the game network access. This problem mainly occurs because these programs see the game as suspicious. You can exempt the game in your third-party antivirus and also add to the list of accepted connections of your Firewall and check if any of that resolves the problem.

Second Fix: Make sure you’re connected

As this error is network-related, you have to make sure your computer is connected to a network with strong internet access.

How to resolve Guild Wars 2 “out of memory” issues

Many gamers, even some who exceeded the minimum memory requirements of the game, complained that they encountered the dreaded “out of memory” error, which terminated their gameplay. To fix this issue, users are advised to delete the local.dat file and force the game to redownload it upon the next launch.

Another fix for the issues involves running the 64-bit beta client. The game’s developers assure gamers that this client is enhanced to utilize and manage memory and other system resources better. You should also rest easy, as installing the new client won’t harm your progress: you can pick up where you left things.

Do you see white artifacts while playing the game?

Sometimes, funny graphic mishaps occur during gameplay. One of such issues is the appearance of white artifacts that cover a significant part of the screen. To solve this issue, you need to perform some tweaks in Catalyst Control Center settings. Note that this fix is mainly for AMD users:

  1. Search for Catalyst Control Center in the Start menu and then launch it.
  2. Navigate to the Advanced view and then switch to the Gaming tab.
  3. Click on 3D application settings under the Gaming tab.
  4. Set Anti-aliasing to Use application settings.
  5. Save your changes by clicking on Apply.

Additional tips

If you’re using an Nvidia card and are facing errors while playing Guild Wars 2, you can try:

  1. Uninstalling and reinstalling the card’s driver
  2. Switching to borderless mode in the game
  3. Closing EVGA PrecisionX 16


The above fixes have proven effective for users who faced diverse errors, and we’re confident they’ll work for you. Remember to ease the load on your GPU and processor by disabling graphic-intensive settings like high resolution. If you have any thoughts on Guild Wars 2 issues, do well to share them in the comments section.

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