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Task Manager

Use the program to<br/>manage all running<br/>processes, applications,<br/>Windows services and locked files. The program displays<br/>which applications and<br/>processes are consuming network traffic. Auslogics Task Manager<br/>will help you decide<br/>whether to trust a suspicious-looking<br/>process or not. With<br/>Auslogics Task Manager<br/>you can track system recourses usage<br/>by individual processes. Auslogics Task Manager
Task Manager
will help you keep your
computer under total control.

Note. Auslogics Task Manager as a standalone tool is not supported any more. Instead, we recommend downloading the Auslogics BoostSpeed suite of tools (free 15-day trial), which contains built-in Task Manager and many other utilities and features!

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You can also use the portable version of Auslogics Task Manager, which doesn't require installation.

Advantages of Auslogics Task Manager (portable):
  1. The portable version of Auslogics Task Manager can be launched from any drive (USB flash drive, CD, or hard drive). No installation is required.
  2. The portable version of Auslogics Task Manager doesn't create any registry entries and doesn't write to the hard drive. It doesn't leave any traces whatsoever, which makes it safe to use on any computer.
Download portable version